October 27, 2010

Ice and Gel Pads: My Working Feet

     I've been doing ballet for almost a year now and I'm loving my new pointe shoes. I took this the other day and can't stop beaming. :)

P.s. Those are my feet!

Creative Worship: Tina Kalivas

     It seems like everyone and there mother shares my obsession with her, but that certainly isn't stopping me from sharing the goods. Tina Kalivas makes me want to lock myself in a craft room and sew until I never need clothing again.

     This is the bra that started it all for me. I literally searched for hours to find for the designer was because I was so transfixed. One day I will make one that's even a bit more tribal. Until then....

     Autumn/Winter 2010

     Who doesn't want to live here? (Note my favorite bra hanging to the right.)

October 4, 2010

Love and Other Disasters: An Amazing Movie Moment

     This movie rocked my world and if anyone here enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany's it is well worth your time. It comes complete with a leading lady who is wondrously flawed, a gay best friend and plot that will keep you roaring. Brittany Murphy plays a young woman who is happily in employed by vogue, living in London and tragically unaware of what's staring her straight in the face.

Anyone else feeling like winged eyeliner is now mandatory?

October 3, 2010

The Take-Away Shows

     This is a site for any music enthusiast. Captured on video after video is a collection of modern day heroes playing in settings that strip the artists of all glamour and show their audience a little more about who they really are and what the music really is to them.

Give it a look! I promise you'll fall in love with one of them.

Scissors & Beads: A DIY

     For my first project uploaded I wanted to start with one of my favorites. This technique is incredibly simple and can be used on just about anything. All you need is:
-a garment
-the knowledge of how to tie a knot
  All that you do is cut strips out of the shirt(however you want), pull bead up the strands, and knot the beads in place. Then, viola, instant backless wonder. I usually wear mine with some jeans and a belt. Enjoy!