November 1, 2010

The Gloriousness of Cut-Offs: A DIY

     Let me start off by saying, I did this project on a whim. I was looking for something to wear and had the overwhelming urge to wear cut-offs but I didn't have any so I cut up a pair of my boyfriend's old jeans. It literally took me under twenty minutes.

     I unfortunately didn't take pictures of the process but it isn't exactly brain surgery. The steps are as follows:

      • Find Mommy Jeans: A pair of jeans that hits mid waist and fit nicely around your derriere but doesn't tighten when it hits your thighs. The perfect pair of jeans for this will kind of slope inward from the roundest point of your backside but never really hit the base of it.
      • Get chalky with it: Put on the jeans and figure out where you want your shorts to end. I'd recommend adding on at least a half inch for when we shred them. I left even more room for that, mostly because I was scared of having really short shorts, and rolled them up. Take a piece of chalk and draw the line around one of your thighs.
      • Cut: Pull at the back and front seams to fold the jeans in half, lay them down on a flat surface and cut across your line. (Breathe.)
      • Distress: Take your scissors and open them up. Holding onto just one of the blades, start running it back and forth across the cuts you just made. Do this until your jeans have reached the optimum amount of tattered.
      • Look Awesome: You're done!

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